Kris Williams, Reality Show Personality


Over the years I have had several bad experiences with agents  and managers in the modeling and reality TV world. After years of bad  advice, horrible contract deals, being scammed on pay or my  managers/agents working in the interests of the productions companies,  themselves, or other clients, I had finally had enough.

In 2012, I was referred to Patti Jones by a mutual friend-from  our very first meeting, I knew I was finally in good hands. Patti has  always been there to advise me on my options, walking me through each  contract making sure I not only understand everything but making sure I  am happy with the terms.

As a New Englander, one of the things I like best about her is  that she is from Boston. I’m not dealing with another manager/agent  tainted by the BS in Los Angeles or New York. As a female, I love her  because she is a strong, no nonsense lady who gets the job done. My  career, the opportunities available to me, and my understanding of the  business have grown greatly since teaming up with her.

Even beyond her duties as my entertainment lawyer, she has been  an ear and friend. Patti has regularly given me advice or words or  encouragement when the stress of the business has gotten the better of  me. Working with Patti is the first time I have ever experienced what it  is like to have someone fighting for me in this crazy, cutthroat  industry.

I have referred co-workers, friends and others I have meet  along the way to Patti and will continue to do so.  The one and only  regret I have since working with Patti is: I wish I had met her sooner!


Duncan Wilder Johnson , Rock Documentary Film Maker

Patti Jones is a pleasure to work with.  Her  professionalism, expert advice, and connections make a huge endeavor  (like making your own indie film from scratch) a piece of cake.

Susan Meddaugh , Creator of "Martha Speaks" PBS Television show and Children's Book author

 Patti endured the ravages of a Jack Russell terrier  so she can’t be all bad. But on a case, or with a contract, Patti is a  pit bull: she doesn't let go until she's satisfied with the results for her client.  

Shannon Grant , Independent Artist

 I cannot express my gratitude in words. Patti is a  dedicated, caring and supportive Entertainment Lawyer. Not only does she  spend time teaching you about the industry she also teaches you about  life. Patti has drastically impacted my life with her positivity and  warm smile. She is dedicated and fully capable. What I love the most is  that she is a genuinely caring individual. I feel completely blessed for  her help as well as for her friendship.