Patti Jones has substantial experience representing independent and  major label artists (bands and solo artists), songwriters, record  producers, independent record labels, recording studios, personal  managers, and concert promoters on the following transactions: 


  • Recording Agreements 
  • Record Producer and Production Company Agreements 
  • Personal Management Agreements 
  • Agency Agreements 
  • Concert Promoter Agreements 
  • Sidemen Agreements 
  • Music Publishing and Songwriter Agreements 
  • Distribution Agreements 
  • Film, TV, Video Game Music Licensing Agreements 
  • Synchronization and Master Use Licenses 
  • Digital Music Distribution Agreements 
  • Music Software Representation and Licensing Agreements 
  • Video Agreements 
  • Merchandising Agreements 
  • Settlement of Music Related Disputes 

" My music clients are serious about their careers as creative  professionals and that means that they are equally serious about  supporting the continued protection of their exclusive rights to their  works. "

-Patti Jones