Artistic Development Consulting & Deals

Many music clients consult with Patti specifically with respect to  their unique artistry and career direction.  Those clients have  benefited greatly from the value her formal background in music/theatre  and education, her passion and instinct for great music, her strong  music industry relationships and music industry expertise bring to their  development.

For specific projects which qualify, Patti, together with a network  of seasoned music industry personnel, will guide artists regarding  repertoire, imaging/artistic persona and live performance enhancing  their artistic development.

For  music clients which meet specific criteria, Patti will shop  deals in an effort to secure agreements with major labels, music  publishers, music distributors, music licensing agents and advertisers.

" Lots of potential but I’m not hearing hits..... great live show... call me back when it’s ready..when they have a ‘story’” Major label A&R; rep to Patti.    The music business has dramatically changed since I signed my first artist to a major label record company over 20 years ago.  Many new artists still aim for the brass ring of a traditional major label, however, a downsized recorded music industry has resulted in fewer placements and higher expectations of the new artist.  Even when a client approaches my office with exceptional talent, they are frequently still in development, lacking professional assistance in songwriting, record production, video production and marketing.  Like many entertainment attorneys in the music industry, I have served as a creative consultant to selected developing artists connecting them to an international music network, ranging from record producers, songwriters and publishers, stylists, photographers ,marketing companies, radio promoters, film and TV licensing agents, personal managers and sometimes, eventually to the creative departments in the recording and music publishing industries.  "

-Patti Jones