Intellectual Property & Related Areas

Patti Jones represents magazine creators, graphic designers, photographers, website designers on the following transactions:

  • Trade and Service Mark Registrations and Ownership 
  • Copyright Registrations and Ownership 
  • Agreement of Intellectual Property Ownership of Multiple Parties 
  • Nondisclosure and Noncompetition Agreements 
  • Rights of Publicity Agreements 

When applicable, Patti consults with and connects clients to the best  legal experts in trademark prosecution and litigation, copyright  litigation and related intellectual property matters affecting their  creative properties.

" Copyrights, trademarks and branding of names and likenesses, constitute the assets of my clients.   Consulting on rights and negotiating with respect to these intellectual properties are integral to our work together.  My background as a musicologist, music educator, performer and author has focused on the use of or creation of copyrights, original works of expression, so I am sensitive to the business/legal concerns of my creator clients.  Trade and service marks often go hand in hand with the original expressions of my clients, identifying their services and goods. The first matter I resolved as a licensed attorney was a battle over a band name.   I continue to work on all trademark matters for clients, calling in some of our country’s best trademark experts and litigators when necessary. "

-Patti Jones

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